The Estelle W. and Karen S. Kalish Foundation

The Estelle W. and Karen S. Kalish Foundation is a donor-advised fund at the St. Louis Community Foundation.  My giving is local and national, and in three areas:  75-80% goes to programs that are focused on literacy, closing the achievement gap, leveling the playing field for African Americans and issues of race.  Approximately 10-15% I give to organizations in the Jewish community, and the rest to causes that my close friends care about.  I do not accept unsolicited proposals.I named my fund after my wonderful grandmother, Estelle Watelsky Kalish, my father’s mother. Not because the money came from her (it didn’t), but because I absolutely adored her.  Everyone did.  I was her first grandchild and there’s often something special between a grandmother and her first grandchild, and that was true for us.  In my eyes she could do no wrong.

I feel blessed. To whom much is given, much is required, and I’m having a ball doing my work. I look on everything as a “get to,” not a “got to.”